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Mission Statement

To share a mutually beneficial and enjoyable business experience with anyone coming in contact with Shelron Enterprises

Our Vision

To be looked upon by both, our customers and suppliers, as an efficient and dependable organization

About Us

Headquartered in Canada, our forte is International Trade. We bring manufacturers and their products, services and solutions to suitable and genuine consumers worldwide in a highly professional manner. Shelron Enterprises was started in 2007, and is owned and operated by technocrats who have vast experience in managing companies successfully in different continents/countries.

What We Do

We offer technical equipment & solutions for the Scientific, Industrial & Forensics fields & Export Consultancy services to manufacturers in the West.

Using strategic sales, marketing & business development experience with a focus on people skills, we are able to generate positive results quickly and develop long-term business relationships.

Our Value Addition

We bring new and potential markets to our suppliers, and offer state-of-the-art products and technologies to our customers at competitive prices.

While endeavoring to lower the procurements costs for our customers, we meet the highest professional standards in suppliers, supply-chain and logistics management.

Our Markets

Our target markets are Middle-East, Africa, South-Asia and lately Canada! In these markets, we assist Government Organizations and Private Manufacturing Plants, Mines, Cement Plants, Universities, Analytical & Testing Laboratories, Police Departments and Research Centers to identify and procure Equipment, OEM Spare Parts and Technical Solutions sourced from North American & European suppliers.

The partnerships we build with our customers and suppliers alike have resulted in our steady growth over the years and we are constantly exploring possibilities to add new customers and representations of reputed manufacturers to our portfolio.

Business Areas

We manufacture Industrial Products such as Conveyor Belts, Vulcanizers, Valves, Food Grade Seals/Gaskets and some Scientific Equipment under our (SHELRON) brand name. While offering comprehensive Export Consulting & Advisory Services to manufacturers in North America and Europe, the Industries we primarily focus on are the following:

From some of the most reputed manufacturers worldwide, we have access to ‘state-of-the-art’ technologies in the fields of Forensic Science and Crime Investigation. To law-enforcement agencies, military offices, educational institutions and forensic operations of all sizes, we can and have provided Specialized Forensic Solutions and Crime Investigation Equipment & Supplies…

  • Specialized Forensic Trainings
  • SOC Consoles & Furniture
  • BodyCam Hardware & Software
  • Handwriting Analysis Equipment
  • Access Control Solutions
  • Forensic Digital Microscopes
  • Evidence Storage Solutions
  • Fingerprints Matching Software
  • Speech Analysis Software
  • Digital Forensic Solutions
  • RFID Tracking Hardware & Software
  • Footprints Identification Solutions
  • Evidence Packaging Solutions
  • Forensic Lights & Lasers
  • Scene of Crime Imaging Equipment
  • Forensic Laboratory Setups
  • Fingerprint Readers
  • Enrollment Devices
  • Visitors Management Solutions

We manufacture some flat Conveyor Belts and Vulcanizers under our (SHELRON) brand name. We are specialist suppliers of equipment and consumables for the mining industry, bulk handling industry and cement plants …

  • EP Fabric Conveyor Belts
  • Steel Cord Conveyor Belts
  • Chevron Belts
  • Heat Resistant Belts
  • Fire Resistant Belts
  • Oil Resistant Belts
  • Sidewall Belts
  • Bucket Elevator Belts
  • PVC Belts
  • Belt Vulcanizers
  • Vulcanizing Tools
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Dust-Suppression Technologies
  • Crusher & Excavator parts
  • Belt Splicing Materials

We offer a range of Scientific & Analytical Equipment, Measuring Instruments, Control Devices and Accessories to Scientific & Testing Laboratories in premier Universities, Research Centres, Manufacturing Plants, Hospitals and Forensics Departments. In the Industrial field offer OEM parts, equipment & accessories to industries such as Cement, Mining, Iron & Steel, Petrochemicals, Materials Handling, Rubber, Transportation, Construction and Railways.

We manufacture a few industrial products such as Valves (Check, Ball, Gate), Food Grade Seals/Gaskets and some Scientific Equipment under our (SHELRON) brand name …

  • Samples Digestion Equipment
  • Emissions Control devices
  • Water Purification Systems
  • Valves – Check, Ball, Gate
  • Pumps & Parts
  • Metals Separation Equipment
  • Electron Microscopy Accessories
  • Polyurethane Processing Equipment
  • Safety Cabinets & Hoods
  • Biological Sample Management
  • Titration Equipment
  • Materials Testing Equipment
  • Electrical Winches
  • Sprockets & Chains
  • Pressure Switches & Gauges
  • Rubber Hoses & Gaskets
  • Pipes & Fittings (Flanges, Couplings)
  • Technical Teaching & Training Eqpt

We have satisfactorily supplied products & services to reputable Corporations in the Middle East, Africa and South-Asia, such as:

MAADEN, SABIC, KACST, SASO, ALBA, SULB, ONGC, JEC, ADNOC, numerous Cement Plants, Mines, Royal Commissions, numerous Universities, Colleges & Research Centers, Training Institutes, Ministries of Interior, numerous Hospitals & Medical Laboratories, Forensic Colleges & Laboratories, Saudi Airlines, South African Police Service, Saudi Aerospace Engineering Industries, various Automotive Vehicles Manufacturers, Gen-sets Manufacturers, Food & Environment Testing Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, etc.

Suppliers’ logos are provided solely for information. We do not make any representation about them & we are not responsible for these websites or their contents.

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